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Can Oriental Medicine help with psychiatric disorders?

Oriental medicine's (OM) holistic nature acknowledges the intimate relationship between the mind and body. It provides detailed explanations regarding the physical and emotional signs and symptoms that we recognize in the West . This allows psychological conditions (including stress and anxiety, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorders etc.) to be addressed and treated through physical acupuncture points that affect not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can alleviate symptoms associated with mental health issues and also successfully treat the root cause of the problem, helping to rebalance the body’s internal environment.

From an OM perspective, mental health disorders cause a disruption in the flow of vital energy (or Qi) through the body. These energetic imbalances can hinder the immune system or cause symptom like pain, sleep disturbances, abnormal digestion, headaches, or menstrual irregularities. Over time, more serious illnesses can develop. Acupuncture treatments can correct these imbalances and directly affect the way your body manages your mental health.

OM views each patient's symptoms and patterns as unique. For example: 10 different patients might all be seeking treatment for minor depression and each receive a different treatment plan including unique acupuncture point selection, herbal formula, breath and movement exercises, nutrition etc. The fine-tuning of the medicine in regards to each person allows me to adjust the treatment plan to meet each patient's dynamic, individual needs, (as we are never quite the same yesterday, today, or tomorrow). 

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine have the ability to detect energetic changes that occur in the body and relieve symptoms by restoring equilibrium. The physical and emotional symptoms that you are experiencing will help create a clear picture on which a treatment plan can be created specifically for you.


Here are just a few examples of what acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help with:

Depressive Disorders – Common symptoms of depressive disorders include: a decreased interest in most activities, insomnia, fatigue, and feeling empty and worthless. Even when depression is sub-clinical, the body’s immune system is compromised and the symptoms reduce functioning and impair work performance and social relationships. Acupuncture treatments can correct these imbalances, support the immune system, and directly affect the way your body manages stress and your mental health.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) – a condition of the brain that makes it difficult to concentrate or control impulsive behavior ADD/ADHD does not just occur during childhood. Acupuncture can help enhance concentration, reduce fidgeting, augment mood management techniques, reduce hyperactivity and enhance concentration.

Anxiety and Stress Disorders – Anxiety comes in a wide range of manifestations, from mild worrying to more physical responses such as nausea, insomnia, shortness of breath and panic attacks. Some anxiety is a healthy response to the stress of daily life and new situations; however, anxiety that occurs regularly, randomly, or excessively is a sign to take notice. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine can help balance both the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety and help to create harmony and peace.

Heart Palpitations – Often a caution from the body that "something's not quite right here," palpitations are something to take seriously as they comprise both a physical and emotional component. Working with your doctor is always advised and acupuncture can offer a very helpful synergistic approach to not just treating the heart, but analyzing the entire bodies relationship to the heart to help identify what patterns (both physical and emotional) are leading to this manifestation.

Mental health issues are best managed when health professionals work together to meet the unique needs of each individual. Acupuncture is an excellent addition to any treatment plan as it is used to help the body restore balance, treating the root of the disorder, while also reducing symptoms. I'd be happy to coordinate care with your PCP or talk more about other resources that are available to you. I can also highly recommend Sarah Wildwood at Sacred Space NW if you wish to  begin a relationship with a certified Professional Counselor.















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